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Developer Bulletin: Update 0.5.2


New maps, additional signal flags and functions in the port, technical novelties and improvements for new players, local and global balance fixes... all these and other features will become available for you to get your hands on in just a couple of days on the Public Test Server.

The Public Test is a chance for you to try out new and upcoming features in World of Warships before they are introduced to the general community. This iteration of Public Test will go up tomorrow 15 December at 17:30 CET and will last until 21 December at 11:00 CET. Please find more information on how to participate on this dedicated page.

New Maps: The Atlantic and Shatter

Update 0.5.2 continues the tradition of introducing new features for higher tier battles. Two new high-tier maps, The Atlantic and Shatter, will become available, and several existing maps will undergo some refinement.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic map features an Atlantic archipelago off the coast of Portugal.


Somewhere in the North Atlantic, among scenic islands off the coast of Canada, lies the Shatter map. Proximity to key sea routes to Europe and Russia make this area strategically important.


The majority of existing maps have also undergone some changes. Our main efforts were directed toward the visual aspects of the game. So, when you’re not in the heat of combat, you may notice the new features: buildings, new types of vegetation, and so on.

Additionally, we have disabled the Encounter Battle mode, while the relatively new Zone mode has been left only on the Big Race map. We’ve taken this action because we need some time to understand the players’ reactions to these modes and to analyze how they fit into the overall game process.

As for the Ranked Battles mode, we are now working on a new set of scenarios for the next season.

Permanent Camouflage

In Update 0.5.2, we’ve introduced permanent camouflage; this is applied to a specific ship and does not require credits or doubloons to replenish it after the battle. We are planning to implement this mechanic on some popular ships in the very near future. However, you do not have to wait and may enjoy some bonuses now: all premium and gift ships will be provided with a free unique permanent camouflage.

Its properties vary depending on the ship but always include two components: a bonus to the experience per battle and one of the two battle bonuses that are provided by standard camouflage types. Thus, we circumvented the scenario in which a premium ship has camouflage without game properties.

Signal Flags: Not Just a Fashion Choice

Six new flags have been introduced, along with the “Top Gun” achievement, which is awarded to any player who destroys five or more enemy ships in a single battle. Finally, this great feat will get officially recognized.

These are the new Signal flags in the game...

Papa Papa (Achievement: Solo Warrior)

boosts earnings of free experience

November Foxtrot (Achievement: High Caliber)

reduces the recharging time for consumables

Zulu Hotel (Achievement: Confederate)

boosts Commander Skills (the previous signal flag Equal Speed Charlie London is now awarded for a different achievement)

November Echo Setteseven (Achievement: Clear Sky)

improves the performance of anti-aircraft guns and defensive weapons on attack aircraft

Victor Lima (Achievement: Witherer)

slightly increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship or setting it on fire

India X-Ray (Achievement: Arsonist)

increases the chances of setting an enemy ship on fire; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Achievement: Liquidator)

increases the chances of flooding an enemy ship; enemy has a greater chance of detonating your magazine

As a result, the number of signal flags has significantly increased, and now their use meets both economic and battle requirements on ships of all types and tiers.

Beginner Tutorial: Easier to Learn, Still Hard to Master

The Introductory Mission has undergone some changes: now, newcomers are able to launch it from the port as a separate game mode, choosing the U.S.A. or Japan as their nation. We’ve also built a browser into the game client, so that players can watch the video tutorials while playing.

The game installer has been customised, so you can now play Tiers I and II without downloading the full version of the client. The size of this mini client is around 30% of the size of the full version.

Economy: Smoother Progression

After adding the rewards for capturing, defending, and blocking the capture of key areas in the Domination mode, we deeply analysed the in-game economy and made some changes. The credit award for key areas has been reduced by 20%, but, according to our plan, ship economy changes will lead to slight profitability growth. We also agree with many players’ suggestions and have increased the profitability of most Tier IX and X ships to make playing them more comfortable. We plan to share the exact numbers with you in the upcoming full release notes.

Port Interface: Solving the "Depot Problem"

In Update 0.5.2, several port versions will be available for players. Inspired by our growing mod scene, we’ve also included the simplest port (Ocean-themed), which loads quickly regardless of the user’s computer configuration.

The Commander management procedure has also been improved: now, if you dismiss your Commander by mistake, you may cancel your decision within five minutes.

Finally, we’ve found a solution that will help solve the problem of extra modules piling up in the depot with no way for the player to sell them. In Update 0.5.2, when selling a ship, all installed modules (but not more than one piece of each module type) will be automatically sold at half price. We realise this new mechanic may not be ideal for all players’ preferences (e.g., it may impose extra expenses on those players who focus on collecting all ships or who repurchase lower-tier ships). However, it will definitely benefit players (the vast majority, according to our statistics) who immediately sell researched ships to purchase higher-tier ships.

After the release of Update 0.5.2, the first launch of the game will automatically result in the sale of all modules stocked in the depot in accordance with these new rules. This will result in a significant credit compensation for many players.

Karma And Friendly Torpedoes

To reduce toxicity and to encourage healthy cooperation among players, we’ve introduced in-game karma, which is displayed in the player profile. A player’s karma is the difference between compliments and complaints received during battles. We will monitor your feedback on this option and perhaps find an additional application for it in the future. We do have plans to introduce automatically granted in-game rewards as well as enhanced opportunities for complaints or compliments to players with a high karma level.

As for damage accidentally caused to allies, our data shows that, as expected, the most common reason for this problem is torpedo misuse. In Update 0.5.2, in addition to other measures, we’ve decided to decrease the damage caused by allied torpedoes by 50%.

Balancing the Game

Players have been complaining about the low effectiveness of the Target Acquisition System 1. And they are absolutely right - the price of 2,000,000 credits for a +20% bonus to target acquisition range is not justified. To right the ship, we’ve added some essential and logically proven bonuses: +50% to the unconditional target detection range, which players often call an x-ray, and +20% to the torpedo detection range.

In Update 0.5.2, Japanese torpedo-carrying planes will be able to launch torpedoes with a narrower torpedo spread in the manual attack mode. This modification won’t have much effect on the effectiveness of short-range torpedo launches but the narrower spread should make torpedoes more effective at longer range. It’s worth noting that automatic torpedo launching has also been slightly refined on Japanese bombers: now, torpedoes can be launched closer to the target, and the spread at the expected target-torpedo crossing point is a bit wider.

Additionally, U.S. and Japanese attack aircraft will be able to fly at a higher speed after dropping bombs and torpedoes, which will allow them to return more quickly to their aircraft carrier. However, this modification has a downside: if the whole squadron is lost, it will take more time to ready new aircraft for takeoff.

There are also some changes to the fighter aircraft manual attack mode—it will be more effective and quicker.

Those who prefer torpedo attacks, especially when using higher-tier ships, will appreciate changes in the balance—the torpedo spotting distance is decreasing by several hundred meters depending on the torpedo type and ship tier. Moreover, ships having a displacement of higher than 35 thousand tons will require more time to turn, which will make it harder for them to dodge torpedo attacks.

Cruisers equipped with the Repair Party consumable (currently, this includes all Tier IX–X researchable cruisers and the Premium Atago) are about to receive a benefit. In 0.5.2, using this type of consumable will allow the cruiser to repair up to 33% of citadel damage, compared to the previous 10%. We hope that this will increase the survivability of the top-tier cruisers. Also, the modified version of this type of consumable will receive an additional charge. On the one hand, this makes the new version more attractive for players. On the other hand, the popular Superintendant skill becomes less needed in certain situations.

Some local changes have been made to the Erie, Chester, and Nicholas, which had problems with survivability. Erie and Chester have now a better-protected casemate, which can now no longer be damaged with low-calibre high-explosive shells. Nicholas has an improved combat capability point distribution by parts of ship.

The anti-aircraft performance calculation algorithm has been significantly improved. However, we’ve taken this step not to specifically improve ship balance, but just to set things straight. The resulting antiaircraft performance in Update 0.5.2 depends directly on the type of guns. When the characteristics of a gun type are changed, the changes are automatically implemented on each ship that carries that gun. As a result, this new mechanic allows us to automatically correct the calculation errors that cropped up on many ships under the previous system. The details concerning each affected ship will be provided in the final text of the patch notes.

There is even more to this update! The long-awaited division chat channel is finally in the game, as well as the option to block parts of the chat window. And as always, more improvements to the technical side of the client, sound design and other, minor interface changes. Keep an eye out on more details in the upcoming patch notes.

Action Stations!

Comments (44)
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Nibloke4 hours ago
All changes are welcome and great. Thx.
Resistivism4 hours ago
For once no complaints here, this all seems like it will add positively to the game, good to see WG address in game toxicity, well done!
Vanhal> Resistivism2 hours ago
Some things are quite bad, but the amount of good changes is way bigger this time.
KubusSc74 hours ago
I really don't think you should decrease the Torpedo dmg against friendlies...people need to get punished who cannot handle Torpedoes. When they do enough friendly fire, they will get banned and stop playing so the good guys dont have to face them anymore.....ooooh, i see what you did there... Now they dont have to face fast bans anymore, so they can throws torpedoes like they want, without having to learn to use them better. Well played, WG...
larsern94> KubusSc72 hours ago
Do you know how the ban mechanic works? I dont but its really no worse than to take the current parameter and cut it by 50% so instead of getting a ban after killing for example 4 ships u get a ban when killing 2 ships now. Who knows. And imo the only people punished by a 100% dmg torp is the one who is on the recieving end of them.
Vanhal> larsern942 hours ago
They should reduce the friendly torp dmg to zero, but still count them towards the punishment for whomever launched them.
ChaosD> Vanhal1 hour ago
@vanhal: I disagree. While it's true that it's the DDs fault most of the time, I've also had other experiences. If you remove the damage but leave the punishment, other players will care even less about where they're driving. Following that thought to the end, it could even be abused by trolls who are just driving into your torps to spite you, with nothing to worry about for themselves.
Dubble_Dutch> KubusSc755 minutes ago
Is it not possible to create a game mechanic whereby the player simply can't not launch torps if they get in the coarse line of a friendly?
DrProPain> Dubble_Dutch43 minutes ago
You cannot predict the (sudden) direction changes of the team mates. Me as a destroyer player I always try to watch the movement of the friendly cruisers around me. That still did not prevent in the past that a friendly cruiser made an unexpected turn into the firing line of my torps. Also consider torp ranges of up to 20km. That torp is going for a long time and many things can happen in its path while it's hot.
KubusSc74 hours ago
But I am looking forward to other changes. The target aquisition buff was needed. But because normal torpedoe attacks are sneakier now...does it mean it is +-0 when you have it installed, to the current version? SO nothing changes for people who use it already. XD
Best thing will be new maps, tho. New maps are always nice!
DudsterSan4 hours ago
Not sure how to feel about this patch. It seems WG is trying to put the hurt onto BBs again, Flags for higher fire and flooding chance, nerf to mobility for ships with high displacement, and shorter torpedo detection distance... You are basically forcing BBs to equip Target Acquisition System 1 witch will make US Bbs even worse compared to IJN ones. One of the only way to make high tier US BBs work is with detectibility reduction.. Bad patch IMO, you should reconsidter some changes.
IvanStiffy> DudsterSan1 hour ago
Go play a high tier cruiser then whine about poor BBs. Battleships are OP as f**k right now and needed nerfing; if anything these nerfs don't go far enough.
Mr_Mistery> IvanStiffy59 minutes ago
and cruisers need HE nerf very need!!!!
ArcticStrike4 hours ago
When are you going to fix the issue that prevents players from shooting at targets behind mountains? It's especially annoying on battleships because there is no way to tell if you're shots will go over the mountain or go straight into it. This has been a problem for ages and I'm surprised there's no mention of it.
DrProPain> ArcticStrike38 minutes ago
Using mountains as cover is a tactical feature that I think is beneficial. You can use it and it can be used against you. I can't see a balancing issue with that. Make an argument please to support your idea.
General_Kunde4 hours ago
Well, there's hope for this game. Keep it up like this WG!
roxtmb3 hours ago
Sounds great! The question is when it will be released.
SohrAb13693 hours ago
Can you please add a chat channel for ranked battles ,?
RUMIRUMI> SohrAb13693 hours ago
What do you mean? Teamchat in ranked should be fine?
tsekboy3 hours ago
What about MM? Its perfect? You managed to have specific arrangements for CV's regarding their tier and 1 or 2 of them on each team, that's great. But you can't do something about f.e: 4 T9 vs 1? Or 3 T10 BB's vs 1 with 1 T10 cruiser? Please do something about the MM.
Br1ckbuster> tsekboy39 minutes ago
I know what you're getting at, but the louder you show your opinion, WG are more likely to respond.
DrProPain> tsekboy22 minutes ago
Match making does not just consider BBs vs BBs or CAs vs CAs. It considers the whole team setup. Why? Because it's a team game and winning is a combined team effort. You can match 5 BBs of any tier against my single T8 Fubuki (Jap. Destroyer) and I kill them all if the time allows it (extreme example). As a DD I am a BB-killer. The same goes for CAs vs. DDs or BBs vs. CAs. If you do not understand that, you cannot argue about match making.
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cstamm I look forward to a lot of those changes
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