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still alive still not in jail still without decent net, thought id say holla to all yall i try to pop in when can
For anyone that wants one before it disappears, the TOG II is on sale the next few days, only 2450 gold (normally 3500)!
Just need a few more for weekend tournament [link]
sad news TOG II will disappear from store along with three friends [link]
Tier 3 tournament spots for weekend tournament. Let's go "clubbing" Friday night! :sick:
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ChewySmokey Man, I've just been logging in every day for the 50k and free item every 5 days. Some of this is just common sense... th ...
cstamm I watched this. Its a nice reminder on optimizing spending and saving credits.


-18 Custom Voice Mods to choose from, plus the 7 original WoT voices

-That comes to a total of 4842 new lines! (Phew, that was a lot of work)

-All files have been equalized, so they are roughly the same volume, no more too soft or too loud voice mods :)

-Voice packs from several different games and shows including CoH, TF2, RA3, and GuP. More to come soon!

-Voice mod can be switched in game at any time from the sounds menu.

-All the original WoT voices are preserved, so you can switch back to vanilla, while in-game through the menu, at any time! (but why would you?)

-National Presets can be selected so that the voice mod changes depending on the nationality of the tank!

-National Presets can be created and changed in IGL's main_sound_modes.xml, THANKS IGL

-All sound banks are not require for the mod to work, only the ones you want to download and install will be visible, no clutter!.

-More voices to come!

Version: v2.1 for WoT 0.9.6+


Click Here!

gman a I'm trying to get him to add the Kriegstreibers (of WWII Guns & Engines soundmod fame) ingame_voices. Their in germa ...
gdead65 refreshing voice pack! I suggest the "new international" voices. *language may not be suitable for little o ...

Here is a sneak peak of 7 new premium/event tanks coming soon in patch 9.7 and beyond!

New GOD5 Ts Server Address

gman a posted Jan 5, 15
Had to change server location due to continual problems, check this link for new ts address: (
Dalziel Recheck your teamspeak addy and port- 1/6/15 1200am - new addy. edit bookmarks - same pw. IF YOU HAVE NOT CHANGED YOUR ...
gman a Didn't matter if you deleted em or ate them, this didn't help me!!!
Dalziel if your having problems connecting or staying connected, try to delete your cookies. I did and it let me back in.
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