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Got it fixed... Had to change the address to it's DNS.. So if anyone else has this issue the DNS # is [link]
Don't fret it's something simple with TS. We'll get you back up and running
Well I still cannot connect to either of our servers, but I can connect to public TS servers.. I am at a loss as what to do on this..
Well i can connect to pyblic TS servers but either of the 2 we have I getr failed to connect..
i would try re installing TS
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World of Warships - 0.5.9 Preview

gman a posted Wed at 22:59

[ATTEN] New backup teamspeak

gman a posted Jul 9, 16

As per last nights debacle, BOTH of our ts servers were down. One i can tell you that our MAIN grumpyolddogs ts server was down due to weather, there were storms and heavy precip around the DC area yesterday so i'm "assuming" thats what knocked our "main" ts server out. Second, our "usual" backup ts server which is granted to us by generosity of ZenArcher was also down as hes been having problems with his lines or connection to the house (one or the other) so it was also down. But in the midst of this first time happening i received a pm this morning from another active member of our guild (a BIG SHOUTOUT to Monstertrap) as he took it upon himself to set up a media server on an old computer to run another "backup" ts server for the grumpyolddogs so this would not happen again. Stay tuned for further infor on the server info and address as he has just started to get the basic channels set up and whatnot, and he wanted me to test the connection and i did get in but we have to set up channels, permissions and whatnot yet. STAY TUNED.



[EDIT] New backup ts server


PW: bark

(Make sure you create a bookmark for the backup ts server for fast and easy access)

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