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[link] check out some new vids :)
"I likes the clan cause they let me in" *burp*
anyone has replays of our QSF fight in stronghold from 8-27-2014 please send to me [link]
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The Skirmish takes on a whole new attitude this week. We're featuring a 7-on-7 tier VIII tournament to emulate that pro league feel! Get your feet wet with the 7/42 battle mode that pushes the pros to their limits. Grab your best team, get out there, and dominate on Cliff. If your team wins, you'll take home Gold and legitimate aspirations of going pro. Good luck out there!

Are the Grumpyolddogs up to this high of a challenge, can they repeat the success of there initial entry into the world of tournament play??? The stakes are alot higher this time for the dogs, but our famous tournament tank commander bspooky is once again ready to lead the dogs to victory!!! To find out more about the tournament please follow the link at the bottom of the page to spookys thread on the forums & to express interest in registering for the god5 team.


Team registration/bspooky's thread:

Posting this for those out there interested in signing up for the GOD5 (Grumpyolddogs) first adventure into tournament play. We are going into this headstrong with the hope of fielding a good team & going far!!! The team will be commanded by bspooky with all information being provided by him, if there are any questions you may direct them to either bspooky or myself. Furthermore here is a link providing information concerning the Skirmish 30 tournament. Link provided below, come join up & fill the ranks whether as a fulltime player or a alternate.

Tournament 30 link information:

T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks 093

With supertest leaked screenshots of the new U.S. light tank - T49 Light Tank patch of World of Tanks 0.9.3. It is a continuation of branches Chaffee and take 8 level.

Will be installed on the tank firing 152mm cannon with 910 damage land mines.

T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks 093

Specifications T49 Light Tank:

- 1100 x

- Top gun 152 mm XM81

- Armor penetration - 76 landmine / 152.4 cumulative / 76 Gold.Fugas

- Defect 910/700/910

- Mixing - 4 sec

- Done in a minute cumulative 1825

- Review of 400 m

More TTX tank can see in the screenshot:

TTX tank T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks

Reservations T49 Light Tank:

Book T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks 093

Book T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks 093

Book T49 Light Tank in World of Tanks 093

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