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Ohh boy, these guys around here are going COO-COO for Co-CO Puffs lately, lol.
Hehehe...ahhhh---on double secret probation. :sick:
thro you will have to be in team speak for two weeks and then we will see if we accept your application :sick:
LOL...I just submitted an application...Clicked on the RECRUITMENT link... woops.
Wow, I need to get more sleep...second link to our forums was supposed to be: [link]
You do not have access to shout

Thank you for your service!!!

Modern Tanks-Tier 11

gman a posted May 1, 15

ChewySmokey dammit, gman
bspooky This was actually an April fools joke (such a bad tradition) by wargaming. They actually took some heat over it internal ...

bspooky And if you want more I have started accumulating some at ...

Enjoy ALL of Mr Fly's delicous recipes all in one place, please follow this link for all the goodies:

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