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This is also "AZBountyhunters official birthday" as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONNY!!!
Happy belated Birthday Hixes, sorry i missed it as this website has everybodys b-date wrong & i don't know why???
Happy Belated Birthday to Hixes and yes yesterday was his birthday
incase you didnt know, my work hours are keeping from playing for now, but have no fear this job ends aug 1 and my playing times should return to normal \o/
Happy B-day AZ. All the best!
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rustediron Happy Birthday AZ!
Here is the link for tunngle, you have to dl LATEST version (v4.5.1.4b) once installed you have to register both on the tunngle home page provide through the link & the program itself. Once in tunngle program login & look to the left hand side of it, you'll see different catagories of games there is a search box just above the catagories, type in silent hunter 5 you will then be in the silent hunter 5 "room". Everybody who is going to play this needs to be in tunngle (unless your playing the game vanilla & then "supposedly" your able to play the game directly without tunngle???) & in the silent hunter 5 room in order to play, join or create missions to be played together. I will post an additional link for where you can find all sorts of mods & additional mp user created missions.


Preliminary 9.2 changes

gman a posted Jul 11, 14
DaddyLovesU while playing El Halluf on the test server yesterday i seen one of the map reworks. they did away with the hill at A3-4 ...
gman   published Happy Birthday Mr Bunny, Bounty or whatever the hell your name is TODAY!!! on News
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gman   published Silent Hunter 5-MP Addon (Tunngle) on News
gman   published World of Tanks || 9.2 - Balance Changes on News
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gman   published Preliminary 9.2 changes on News
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