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back up is running
seems backup is down also, Happy Turkey Day!
seems to be.
ts still down?
Hey guys...Happy Thanksgiving. Is TS down?
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Teamspeak problems

gman a posted 21 hours ago

Our normal ts server has been kapooey these last few days or better. So were using our "backup" ts server at the moment until its straightened out. Dal contacted them & they said it is affecting there entire DC hub (which is our ts servers location). So were all using our backup atm & here is the info:

official DOG5 TS server

[backup ts server]:


MajorBenDover The TS server is now working. I have been connected now for over an hour without any issues.

Our initial post is now up for world of warships, lets get some sea dogs in here now too!!!

Recruitment thread:

ATTENTION: ALL Clan members!!!

gman a posted Nov 15, 15

Due to recent activities, i am enforcing a new policy on the DOG5 teamspeak. And that policy is from here on in ALL members are to use their name or a derivative of their name when on the dog5 ts server, and also please do not place potential offending statements next to your name in ts or in "description" in ts while on the dog5 ts server. Having fun is one thing guys and that for the longest time was totally fine & the norm around here but has recently stepped way outta line. REMEMBER guys, we are an older mature gaming clan and while having fun is one thing we've never had a shortage of just remember theres a fine line between having fun and stepping over the line & out of character. These are some of the things we've never ever had a problem with here at the grumpyolddogs and i'm not about to allow to start & build headsteam, lets ALL get back on page with what we stand for here and that is one helluva great mature older clan whos atmosphere has always enjoyed good clean fun and company. Lets move on with this and get back on the right track as a clan!!!

thanks fellas,


CO, Grumpyolddogs[DOG5]

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