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I'm available for Stand To! Skrimish is past my bed time. :sick:
credit to cstamm for calling. Poor guy could barely get a word in.......
lets check with, bspooky since he is the events mgr.
New contest. Design a futuristic tank and detail its capabilities. [link]
Congrats team!
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New forum section constructed for World of Warships, please post any helpful or instructional type videos ONLY!!! As this forum is meant to help us all become better fleet admirals on the high seas, all others will be deleted. If you would like a additional forum sub section created please feel free to post under this thread or the shoutbox or pm me. I do have some thoughts in mind so lets see what you guys would like to see as well. Lets get this section rolling as this great addition of WG is set to grow.

gman a Replays & screenshots for great battles post started.

WOWS Patch notes

gman a posted Jul 12, 15

Update Notes and Downtime

We hope your time in the Open Beta has been enjoyable so far. The development team is ready to deploy a minor patch for Update on July 13. As usual, or for those who haven't been around for a previous update, we ask that you head to the Forums to leave us some feedback once you've had a chance to get your feet wet!

Server Downtime Begins: Monday, July 13 at 04:00 PT (07:00 ET)
Server Downtime Ends: Monday, July 13 at 05:30 PT (08:30 ET)

Update Notes


Two high tier Premium ships have been added to the game client:

  • Tier VII US cruiser Atlanta
  • Tier VII Japanese cruiser Atago


  • Changed map loading screen image
  • Fixed invisible barriers appearing on some maps
  • Fixed visual artifacts on Two Brothers and Hot Spot maps
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of shells when fired at particular parts of the islands on Islands map


The following ships have been added for testing purposes on a limited basis. Players will not be able to purchase them, but you may encounter them in battle.

  • Diana - An armored cruiser with an impressive primary battery and multiple secondary armaments.
  • Pallada - Another classic example of a well-equipped armored cruiser.
  • Marblehead - A fast scout cruiser with torpedoes and a relatively strong primary armament; as well as a plane launcher.
  • Cincinnati - A light cruiser with a rapid rate of fire, strong AA equipment, and can launch a scout plane. 
  • Tachibana - Small and fast, that's the name of the game for this Japanese destroyer.
  • Sakura - The first destroyer entirely designed in Japan. Like most destroyers, she relies on her torpedoes for damage output. 
  • Mikasa - A legend in her own time, she fought in the Russian-Japanese war. Her stats are well-rounded and will prove to be a valuable ally or fearsome enemy. 


  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of smoke from enemy ships funnels
  • Fixed an error resulting an incorrect animation of squadron takeoff during a carrier's destruction
  • Fixed an error leading to the increase of water detail as the camera zooms out from the ship  
  • Fixed the flashing of the tracer at low and medium graphics settings


  • Fixed an error causing an incorrect system message after rejecting a division invite
  • Fixed an error which led to the incorrect display of messages when modules were critically damaged
  • Fixed the error that prevented the display of Doubloons as an option for dismounting a Modernization
  • Fixed errors in text message display


  • Fixed the error which, in some cases, led to client crash when opening the chat channel
  • Fixed the error which led to client crash while entering battle
  • Fixed the error which incorrectly set some graphics settings when auto-detecting the quality for the low configurations computers
  • Map selection for the server has been reworked
  • Fixed the error that led to the ship staying in the battle indefinitely
  • Fixed an error of the battle not finishing when bases are captured simultaneously in Standard battle mode
  • Fixed an issue which caused a failure to display damage icons for AA system on Russian and British ships


Wolf_Sniper_27 Happy Birthday bud
Dalziel Happy Birfday sony barnikle boi, wif luvz, eggnog
gman a Now the really funny part is the website had his birthday as the wrong day (seems to do that with everybody, dunno why?? ...

Happy Fourth of July all!!!

gman a posted Jul 3, 15

Mormergil have a great day guys ...
Wulfgard Have a safe and great 4th of July all.
Skyuka Have a great 4th of July everyone.

Loving this sound mod more and more, especially the gun sounds. I use a combination of the War Thunder gun sounds, AGQJ's engine sounds and Kriegstreibers (aka WWIIsounds) hit sounds, seems to be the perfect blend for me, most realistic and most submersive game expierience while playing tanks. Will try to post a follow up video of the sounds combined while i'm playing and in a match.

gman a Heres an example of AGQJ's engine sounds, dont pay no mind to the date on the video (nor the russian crew voices) as the ...
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