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Your quite welcome my friend!!!
Welcome Drohnal
Thanks G, for getting me aboard the clan Website.
thanks to all the guys who contributed to the web site
if you're loading slow: check disk defrag. Updates always fragments my hd by 2-3%
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All i can is "WOW"!!! Logged onto the website this morning & seen the amount of donations & time added to our website & i was truly shocked, it just goes to show how much of a truly GREAT clan we truly are blessed with. I would also like to thank everybody for such a great turnout at last nights meeting, again it was absolutely a great turnout!!! It was the very first time we actually ran out of available slots in our ts server (which will be further updated here soon). And i would like to end this with saying THANK YOU ALL for being who you are & being members of such a really truely great group. You guys are the best & all i can think of lastly is, "just keep up the truely great work that you guys always seem to excel in" IT DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED TRUST ME!!!

P.S. The clan activities calender consisting of the clan events & the forum sticky post we spoke of last night will be updated at some point this upcoming week with the aim to be up & ready by October 6th.

thanks again,

CO, Grumpyolddogs
Dalziel THANK YOU guys, its great to see all of us helping out. we are most appreciative of the donations and help to keep thi ...

Clan Meeting!!!

gman a posted Sep 16, 14
Our annual end of the month scheduled clan meetings, both for the officers & the clan as well.
Scheduled times are as followed:

OFFICERS: September 26, 8 Pm (Eastern standard time)
Clan: September 26, 9 Pm (Eastern standard time)

Please try to attend, if not able to attend were asking to please inform one of the officers.

thanks all,

CO, Grumpyolddogs (GOD5)
ColdBloodedDog sorry missed it rough day fri. with notice of father dying, he died this morn at 115am. thank all yall for yalls concern
cstamm Kids bed time, should be on after though
Lumanati Sorry guys but thats a Friday which is bowling/dinner night with the wife and will not be able to attend


gman a posted Sep 14, 14
gman a For all you BUNNY FOO FOO LOVERS out there just click on the "Youtube" symbol to the bottom right of the scree ...
Zen_Archer That looks a lot more balanced and fun to play. Can't wait for the change.
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