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So when a Granddaughter stays overnight I get ingame for 3 hours and play a total of 4 matches LOL... but they where all wins :sick:
I just ate 23 hard shell tacos from taco bell, 2 large cokes, I AM FARFLY!
I heard end of year or beginning of new year
is WoT coming out with 9.5 soon?!?
Just added an IS video to my replay post. Great battle with a clutch win pulled out our buts.
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Wolf_Sniper_27 I actually have a lot of trouble penning Jagpanthers from the front. I know i can from the side and rear but where is th ...
Zen_Archer The cupola is a weak spot on most tanks, not just British. I once went nose to nose with an enemy IS, me in my IS, both ...
Wolf_Sniper_27 Thank you very much G that was extremely helpful.

Skirmish XL: The Ruinberg's on Fire


Dust off your tier VI tanks; it's time to fight fire with fire. This week, the Skirmish unfolds on Ruinberg on Fire. Combat will feature an eight-on-eight firefight certain to delight. Bring the pain and make it rain! If your team deals significant punishment, you're bound to end up on the leaderboard. Remember: only the best take home the Gold!

Registration Open Now!
Registration Ends: Sunday, October 12

Skirmish XL: The Ruinberg's on Fire
Register (Alpha) ♦ Register (Bravo)
Tournament Info ♦ Forum Discussion

Alpha registration is for the entire run of the tournament. Bravo registration is for the weekend matches only.


The complete schedule will be provided at the end of registration, once the final teams have been determined. Rounds will begin each day at the times indicated below. Use this Time Zone Converter tool to help know what time it is in your region.

Matches begin at 19:00 PDT (22:00 EDT) unless otherwise noted.

  • Group Stage 1: October 13
  • Group Stage 2: October 14
  • Group Stage 3: October 15
  • Tiebreaker Round: October 16
  • Alpha & Bravo Playoff Round of 16: October 17
  • Alpha & Bravo Quarterfinal: October 18
  • Alpha & Bravo Semifinal: October 19, 16:00 PDT / 19:00 EDT
  • Alpha & Bravo Final: October 19

bspooky Well then you two better go sign up!!! As well as anyone else interested. See my post: ...
LeftSock Interested as well
cstamm I'm interested by have some conflicts on dates
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