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Thx for the headsup Sparkey159, GOOD LOOKING OUT SIR!!!
free 3 days premium for wows and wot, just update wows and log in.
free 3 days premium for wows and wot, just update wows and log in.
Thx Sharp for your contribution to the website, it is apprec my friend!!!
once is all i will admit to
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World of Warships - Update 0.5.5

gman a posted Fri at 10:20

First off is the new tier VII premium US CV the Saipan

Then there is the soon to be released very first UK DD HMS Campbeltown

Quoate concerning our teamspeak from Dalziel:

ts server

there is like 3, maybe 4 months of $$ in the ts server fund, there is $38 in there, at $9.95 month, we need to do something, or we wont have ts in july.....
Any donations towards the teamspeak server would be much appreciatted so we can keep the Grumpyolddogs teamspeak server up and running for our clan and all of its friends.
Thanks in advance,
Dalziel Thank you guys for all your donations! it is very much appreciated. We are doing well on the funding for the server now...
gman a Ohh you guys, lol.
Wildcard36 sent 20 dollars, TS has been stable, except for some players buttons seem to have reset for them

Please follow this link

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