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i love this clan
Tier 6 tournament team(s) now forming!!! [link]
FYI: You don't have to go in order for the personal missions second tank, other than the 15th of each class. So you could do Medium 7 before doing Medium 1 even.
Want to earn up to 5,000 XP, 5,000 crew XP, and 40,000 credits per battle??? Check out the post in our general forums area.
I like the arty mod, but it can be confusing switching views.
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Are you a fan of windmills and seemingly endless slopes and hills to use as cover? Welcome to Redshire, the featured map of Wargaming’s latest Skirmish. But this isn’t just any battle! This week, we’re adding encounter rules to this 4v4, tier VI shootout.

Sign up today and see if your team has what it takes to blast their way up the leaderboards while competing for that 5,000 grand prize.

Registration: Open Now!
Registration Ends: Sunday, February 1

Skirmish V: The Redshire Encounter
Register (Alpha) ♦ Register (Bravo)
Tournament Info  ♦ Forum Discussion

Alpha registration is for the entire run of the tournament. Bravo registration is for the weekend matches only.


The complete schedule will be provided at the end of registration, once the final teams have been determined. Rounds will begin each day at the times indicated below. Use this Time Zone Converter tool to help know what time it is in your region.

Matches begin at 19:00 PDT (22:00 EDT) unless otherwise noted.

  • Group Stage 1: February 2
  • Group Stage 2: February 3
  • Group Stage 3: February 4
  • Tiebreaker Round: February 5
  • Alpha & Bravo Playoff Round of 16: February 6
  • Alpha & Bravo Quarterfinal: February 7
  • Alpha & Bravo Semifinal: February 8, 16:00 PDT / 19:00 EDT
  • Alpha & Bravo Final: February 8


Skirmishes now have three days of group play (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) followed by a playoff (Friday-Sunday). Teams can choose to play only in the weekend playoff or participate in group play for better seeding and greater prizing.

After completing group play, a standings table will sort all teams across all groups based on points earned against points possible. Prizes are awarded at completion of group play to teams finishing in the top half of the standings. These teams qualify for the Alpha Playoff. All remaining teams qualify for the Bravo Playoff.

Alpha Playoff: This playoff consists of the top 50% of group play teams who will play for a larger prize pool. Group play performance will determine playoff seeding.

Bravo Playoff: This playoff consists of all remaining teams and includes teams registering solely for the weekend. These teams will compete for a smaller prize pool and the playoff brackets are not seeded.

Both the Alpha & Bravo Playoffs will use multiple brackets holding a maximum of 16 teams. This means multiple winners are awarded prizing for their standing in their respective bracket.

Please see Spookys post on the forums concerning the tournament:

gman a Naaaaa, it was "Sonny" i need a beer!!! (thats his punishment for eating all the bathroom mints in the officer ...
URD1 Was his name Maus? Is that a German Experimental Super tank?

10 Bizarre War Machines, Prototypes and Designs of WWII

(8) Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte, Experimantal Super Tank Design (1942 to 1943):

German weapon manufacturing company Friedrich Krupp AG designed this super heavy tank in 1942 upon approval of Adolf Hitler. But German Minister of Armaments and War Production, Albert Speer cancelled the project in 1943 before any units were constructed. At 1000 metric tons, if built, it would have been 5 times heavier than the heaviest tank ever built, Panzer VIII Maus.

10 bizarre war machines, prototypes and designs of WWII-9

Image used: Size comparison between German tanks- Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte, Panzer VIII Maus and Tiger II tanks

It was designed to be armed with naval artillery with 25 cm (10in) hardened stell armor. To compensate for the Ratteā€™s immense weight, it would have been fitted with three 1.2 m (3ft 11in) wide caterpillar track or treads on each side with a total 7.2m (24ft) tread width. Main weapon of the Super Tank would have been two 280 mm SK C/24 Naval guns. A 128 mm anti tank gun, eight 20 mm Flak 38 anti aircraft guns and two 15mm MG151 auto-cannons were also part of the armaments of the Ratte. Two 6,300 KW (8,400 hp) marine diesel engines of U-boats or eight 1,500KW (2,000hp) E-boat engines were supposed to be fitted with the super tank. It was supposed to carry up to 41 crews and attain maximum speed of 40kmph (25mph).

10 bizarre war machines, prototypes and designs of WWII-10

Image used: Cutaway illustration depicting the Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte Super Tank Design. There were no blueprints of interior of this tank; assumptions were made based on similar German battleships.

New GOD5 Ts Server Address

gman a posted Jan 5, 15
Had to change server location due to continual problems, check this link for new ts address: (
Dalziel Recheck your teamspeak addy and port- 1/6/15 1200am - new addy. edit bookmarks - same pw. IF YOU HAVE NOT CHANGED YOUR ...
gman a Didn't matter if you deleted em or ate them, this didn't help me!!!
Dalziel if your having problems connecting or staying connected, try to delete your cookies. I did and it let me back in.
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