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Got my key today for closed beta, SUPER EXCITED!!!

Man does this look good or what!!!

gman a Pre-Ordered mine, you can get the game for a 1/3 off at this time with the simple thing of registering on green man gami...

War Thunder (AirDogs) clan!!!

gman a posted Mar 5, 17

Happy to announce another bigtime announcement, the grumpyolddogs have now taken their battles to the skies as well as on the ground and on the seas. Proud to announce our latest faction within the War Thunder community, the AirDogs!!!

Sharper Air Dogs clan tag -ADOG-

Proud to announce the addition of not one but two new flotillas to our world of warships clan "SeaDogs". We will now proudly consists of three flotillas within the wows community, the founding parent flotilla -SD- & now -SD1- & -SD2-. Now we should not need to worry about membership to world of warships ranks which will now proudly provide 90 slots in total. Full speed ahead & happy hunting all!!!

(kudos & a shout out to Dalziel, Wolfsniper & Gdead for making this happen!!!)

many thanks,


Link to additional information:


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